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Activities In addition to our tour packages, our company presents an array of leisure and adventure options throughout Cabo Verde. Whether traveling as a couple or with family, we always have the ideal solution to meet our clients’ expectations. Below, you can explore some of the activities we suggest for an unforgettable experience:

  • Island hopping tours, exploring multiple islands in Cabo Verde.
  • Guided hiking and trekking adventures through stunning landscapes.
  • Snorkeling or diving excursions to discover vibrant marine life.
  • Cultural tours, delving into the rich history and traditions of local communities.
  • Family-friendly beach outings and water sports activities.
  • Birdwatching expeditions to observe diverse avian species in their natural habitat.

We tailor each experience to ensure our clients have an enriching and memorable time, creating moments that exceed expectations



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A destination of robust and rugged nature, owing to the volcanic origins of the islands, offering diverse geographical landscapes with towering peaks and deep, verdant valleys. Diversity abounds, and it doesn't stop there. Vast plains adorned with contrasting shades of green and arid terrain, peaks and volcanoes shrouded in what resembles a sea of clouds. Unforgiving corners of volcanic rock fading into abysses facing the sea, alongside contrasting landscapes you won't want to miss. Be sure to bring a camera to capture these unique and unforgettable moments.


Snorkelling with Turtles

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The surrounding sea of these islands is an abundant paradise of marine biodiversity. Dive in and embark on an adventure to discover a unique and vibrant ocean floor. Encounter rare species typical of the warm waters of the Atlantic, rich in colors, bridging imagination with reality. At any moment, you might have the unique surprise of swimming with turtles, as this area is an important nesting site for this species.



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Are you a fan of a good bike ride? Come and indulge in that passion in a mountain paradise, with thrilling trails set in a landscape of unique beauty...

Trapiche_tradicional-_Boa_EntradaSantiago 2


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The island of Santo Antão is internationally known for its fine Grogue, the name given to its genuine sugarcane brandy. You can observe the process that starts in animal-powered mills and leads to distillation, all while enjoying a taste of good Grogue or Ponche (a spirited drink made with Grogue, molasses, and lemon) with us.

Musica Tradicional2

Traditional Music

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Toda a gente conhece a música de Cabo Verde, revelada ao mundo pela rainha da Morna e Coladeira, Cesária Évora. Agora imagine-se num ambiente totalmente rústico, curtindo ao vivo um grupo tradicional, interpretando mornas e coladeiras, apreciando um bom Grogue e lindas criolas dançando...

Cavalos 2

Horse Riding

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Horseback riding is undoubtedly a remarkable experience! Now, add to that a backdrop of a beautiful, expansive beach with clear sand or a challenging landscape of rugged terrain and mountains. Ride through trails, gallop across extensive and remote plains, and take on the challenge of exploration. The result can only be an unforgettable moment and a vacation worth repeating.