Fogo Island

Love is a fire that burns without being seen,
it’s a wound that hurts, and you don’t feel it;
it’s a discontented contentment,
it’s a pain that cracks without hurting.
                 Luís de Camões

The island and its people have special characteristics. Love for the land, the island and their ancestors is untouchable. Strong personality and pride, as well as dedication to work and sacrifice are very dominant characteristics of the people of this wonderful island.

The great attraction of the island is the volcano that is part of the Seven Wonders of Cape Verde. It is the highest point of the archipelago with 2829 meters of altitude. The picturesque houses of the island mix with the black sand of the beaches and gushing from the volcano that very recently, in 2014, erupted.

Fogo Island was the second island to be populated. São Filipe, its queen city, is the third oldest city of the archipelago, currently sharing with Mosteiros the position of 5th largest city in the country.