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Welcome to the land of the “Barefoot Diva” – Cesária Évora. A land of sun and warmth, of music and friendliness, of colorful and verdant landscapes contrasting with white sandy beaches, where smiles are genuine and the warmth of this hospitable people, who can move mountains, eagerly awaits you with open arms.

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Santo Antao Trekking Offers

Explore the breathtaking beauty of Santo Antão through our mountain tourism and trekking itineraries. Experience the adventure, immerse in nature, and discover the essence of this stunning destination with our expertly crafted packages.

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Explore the diverse landscapes of Santo Antao, Sao Vicente, Santiago, and Fogo with tailor-made trekking packages. These customized excursions offer unique experiences on each island, showcasing their distinct natural beauty, trails, and cultural highlights. From the lush valleys of Santo Antao to the volcanic terrain of Fogo, these personalized packages allow adventurers to select specific islands, trails, and durations, ensuring an immersive and unforgettable trekking adventure across Cape Verde’s breathtaking archipelago.

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Helios Tours Cabo Verde presents an array of destination options across the four stunning islands: São Vicente, Santo Antão, Santiago, and Fogo. Immerse yourself in the diverse landscapes, rich culture, and unique experiences each island has to offer. From the vibrant pulse of São Vicente to the breathtaking vistas of Santo Antão, the historical charm of Santiago, and the captivating volcanic terrain of Fogo, explore the beauty and essence of each distinct destination with our tailored tours and experiences.

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Experience the thrill of adventure with our trekking, canyoning, snorkeling with turtles, and island tours. Dive into nature’s realm, conquer rugged trails, navigate hidden canyons, swim alongside graceful turtles, and explore the soul of each island. Your ultimate adventure awaits! Join us for an exhilarating journey through extraordinary experiences.


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Very friendly , Ennio, helped planning 2 trips. 1 day tour on Sao vicente and 1 day tour on Santo Antao. On the first tour he was our guide and showed is all the wonderful place of Mindello and the rest of the island. The next morning a cab picked us up at the appartement at 6.15 am and took is to the ferry. When we arrived our guide was waiting to show us al the undiscrible beauty of Santo Antao. We highly recommend this agency to make your stay at wonderful Cabo Verde even more wonderful
A Equipa de Hélios é sensacional. Adorei imenso
Patrick Santos
Patrick Santos
Uma grande oportunidade de descobrir as maravilhas das nossas ilhas!!
Ivanilda Brazão
Ivanilda Brazão
Agência de puro treeking. Equipa maravihosa!

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