Who we are?

Welcome to the Helios archipelago. Ten islands that run in our veins, testimonies of our passion for all that nature offers. Between the mountains of Santo Antão and the beautiful colonial architecture city of Mindelo, between an adventure and a relaxing day on the beach, we will provide you with unforgettable experiences.
Ten islands, numerous packages of trekking, ecotourism, cultural and beach tourism, designed to maximize the advantages at the best price in the market, is always our commitment.
We are, therefore, together on this journey with the mission of providing our customers with unforgettable experiences through responsible tourism, in defence of the environment, preservation of our culture and integration of local communities.

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Terra-Terra is the Capeverdean expression to express what is genuine, authentic! This is our focus, our mission. The Royal Cape Verde is our programme to bring you as close as possible to the people, the community, nature, history and culture. Meet us and travel like a local.

Meet our manager!

Graduated in Tourism and Hotel Management. Outgoing, cheerful, communicative and helpful.
I had the privilege of being born in Cape Verde, land that saw the birth of Cesária Évora and that makes welcoming and “Morabeza” its portfolio.
This archipelago is made up of ten islands, with a pleasant climate, surrounded by sea from all sides, sun and warmth in all seasons, where the green contrasts with the arid in its plains and mountains, where peace, security and well-being reign.
My commitment is to the development of local communities by providing unforgettable experiences. I wish you happy holidays and that you return to Cape Verde.


Code of Ethics and Social Responsibility

Respecting the mission of “creating unforgettable experiences” for tourists, we aim at responsible tourism, integrating local communities, defending the environment and respecting the cultural, moral and social values of our community.

It is with this purpose that we defend a cordial and professional relationship with our collaborators, clients, service providers, operators and other entities in defence of a good business environment and prosperity for all.

Our staff is made up of young, dynamic, resourceful professionals with sufficient technical competence, capable of guaranteeing you, the client or entity that works with us, enormous satisfaction.

There is a set of rules and regulations that guide the behaviour of our staff in the exercise of their office, aiming to discipline morals and good manners, with the purpose of performing with excellence the activities established by the organisation, among them the satisfaction of the tourists. Therefore, more than merely followed during working hours, it is part of the conscience of our professionals.

Thus, we are committed to

a) Relationship with our collaborators

They represent the Know-How of the company and consequently the key to the success of our business. The selfless, responsible and professional performance of our collaborators requires technical competence and know-how, which is why permanent training and a spirit of mission are part of the conscience of our professionals. Thus, we have with us a staff of professionals qualified to provide you with unforgettable moments.

b) Relationship with our clients

They represent the reason for our existence. Therefore, our mission is to provide you with “UNFORGETTABLE EXPERIENCES” through the creation of values and the development of innovative solutions to meet your expectations. Customer satisfaction is our concern, so we always try to improve our service and the quality of our services.

c) Relationship with our suppliers and operators

Helios – Tourism Agency strives for a good relationship with its suppliers and operators based on a solid, responsible and transparent relationship founded on respect and complicity, in the promotion of services with quality, aware that the expectations of our clients are the revolving plate of our existence.

d) Social Responsibility

The work developed by Helio’s – Tourism Agency will always have a philosophy that we cultivate on a daily basis, focused on sustainable tourism, based on the protection of the environment and moral, social and cultural values, as well as the integration of local communities and disadvantaged groups.
Helio’s intends to participate in community projects; open many jobs being responsible for preparing and empowering the community to enhance the economic activity of the country.