S. Antão Holiday Packages

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Lunar Trekking (Vibe)

Itinerário 1 - Lunar Trekking (Vibe) - Boca Ambas as Ribeiras - Mocho - Cruzinha - Chã de Igreja

Distance: 10 km; Time: 4 H; Difficulty:2

Mountains, meeting of two streams, incessant beauty, trails, trekking, the beginning of an adventure through rugged mountains passing through the village of Mocho, one of the most remote in the county with a diversity and contrast (from green and desert landscapes to the village of Cruzinha along the rocky coast, a spectacular walk, which culminates at 830 m above sea level, offers the option to go and return by the same route;

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Verdant Landscapes

Itinerário 2- Verdant Landscapes: Corda(Chã de Mato) - Ribeira da Torre (Xôxô)

Distance: 10Km; Time: 4 H; Difficulty:2

The exploration of the island begins on the old road, with breathtaking views to Chã de Mato, where our magnificent experience will begin descending towards XôXô in Ribeira da Torre; plantations, fresh air, tasting local produce, traditional houses, blend into a unique environment of austere beauty that characterizes Santo Antão; terraces, peaks and unparalleled panoramas are all part of the journey;

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Cova (Natural Park)

Itinerário 3 - Cova (Parque Natural) - Paul- Boca de Figueiral

Distance: 11km; Time: 5:30 am; Difficulty: 2-3

Stunning views, an extinct volcanic crater, protected endemic species, agriculture, viewpoints and surprising landscapes, of one of the greenest and most tropical valleys in the whole archipelago; Surround yourself with the aromatic and characteristic smells of the locality, mango, papaya, coffee, sugar cane, grog and feel the "morabeza" of its people; an imposing valley of countless walks, generous, peaceful and full of emotions. High and vertiginous peaks with scenery enhanced by the richness of the island. Paul is known for its grogginess and storage, fruit and warmth;


Island Tour (5 days)

Itinerário 4 - Island Tour 5 dias Trekking SA: Porto Novo - Esponjeiro -Matim/Caibros - Mocho - Cruzinha -Ponta do Sol- Paul

Duration: 5 days

One of the most spectacular treks that Cape Verde and Santo Antão offer: on one hand, the encounter with nature, emblematic landscapes, tranquility and the relaxation of the mountain, passing by small farmers, on the other hand, the coast, cliffs and fresh breeze, the sound of breaking waves, cliffs, small shepherds' trails, villages, that make us delight with the supernatural and unique landscapes. Miles of adventure, magic, contact with the population, to one of the most beautiful landscapes of the trekking world (Fontainhas).

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    Island Tour
    1 day

    Itinerário 5 - Island Tour 1 dia- Porto Novo - Ribeira Grande-Ponta do Sol - Fontainhas - Paul -janela- Porto Novo

    Duration:7 hours

    Santo Antão offers a scenic landscape painted in a green tone contrasting with the earthy brown of the imposing mountains. Panoramic views of the valleys, the Atlantic coastline of streams and its dramatic volcanic landscapes, zigzagging paths, endemic plants, protected areas, a nature to be discovered. Between terraces and valleys, the countless labyrinths formed by levadas, flowing into agricultural plantations, in the style of colonial and traditional houses, in areas such as Cova, Pico da Cruz, Paul, Coculi, Boca de Ambas as Ribeiras, Cruzinha da Graça and Ponta do Sol, can be enjoyed on a spectacular sightseeing tour.


    Pure Trekking

    Itinerário 6 - Puro Trekking 1: Pico da Cruz - Ribeira de Penedo - Janela

    Option 2: Penedo - Ribeira do Penedo - Estância de Pedra - Pico da Cruz - Cova
    Distance: 14Km; Time: 4 hours; Difficulty: 3-4

    The walk starts and/or finishes at 1600 metres above sea level, with alpine cold and trees; we find nature at its peak with magnificent green vegetation, with steep descents and ascents, passing plantations, zigzagging paths, narrow ridges, traditional houses. A difficult and demanding itinerary, both for those going down and those going up, but pleasant at the same time; in Ribeira de Penedo, the Pedra de Letreiro, with unknown writings involving the Tour in an atmosphere of mystery and supernatural;

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    Trekking Land and Sea

    Itinerário 7 - Trekking Terra e Mar / 2 dias - Porto Novo - Tarrafal- Monte Trigo- Tarrafal (Bote) - Porto Novo;

    Distance: 7,6 km; Time: 5 H; Difficulty: 3-4

    46 km by car towards Tarrafal, following a trail to Monte Trigo, a route full of contrasting, vertiginous and wild landscapes, evident in the solid rivers of lava of the extinct volcano Top de Coroa. Mountain route surrounded by elevations and depressions to Monte Trigo, where you can enjoy excellent black sand beaches. The return to Tarrafal is done in traditional boats, on an unprecedented journey overlooking the coast;

    Canyoning pp


    Itinerário 8 - Canyoning - PN - Praia Gi - Sinagoga - Ponta do Sol

    Distance: ...; Time: 2 to 3 Hours; Difficulty - Low (children from 8 years old)

    Experience one of the most extreme activities on the island, with vertiginous descents and muddy water! Get ready for a fantastic experience where you will discover the most secret canyons of Santo Antão; when all the canyons are open, enjoy a typical lunch at the locals' house. Natural pools of the Synagogue to relax in the afternoon and the next day visit the most emblematic places of the island;