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Santo Antão is one of the nine inhabited islands of the archipelago, with volcanic features and curiously the most mountainous in the country. Its inhospitable relief resembles a rough diamond. Getting to know Santo Antão is a pleasant adventure full of emotions. Land, greenery and water come together in a perfect blend.


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São Vicente - Air

“Poetry is the echo of the melody of the universe in the hearts of humans.”

São Vicente is an island of contrasts where one breathes an unusual and very own atmosphere. The streets of Mindelo, are cheerfully adorned by European colonial architecture and the cosmopolitanism that hangs in the air, while the interior of the island is dry and with some associated relief.
The island that saw the birth of Cesária Évora, the greatest exponent of our musical culture abroad, is the most cultural island in the country. Land of great musicians, poets and writers. The city of Mindelo was considered the Lusophone Capital of Culture in 2003.
The island of S. Vicente is also a place of beautiful beaches of tepid and crystalline water, also offering visitors good restaurants where they can taste rich gastronomy, to the sound of beautiful mornas and coladeiras”.
São Vicente is also known for the Baía das Gatas International Music Festival – held on the first weekend of the full moon in August.

Santo Antão - Earth

Come with us and discover this rough diamond, the most mountainous island in the archipelago, where the smell of the earth is enveloping, with its own aura and its ancestors dedicating themselves to traditional agriculture, the production of brandy and cattle breeding. 

The land, its smell and its flavours make Santo Antão a unique island in the archipelago.

Fogo - Fire

Love is a fire that burns without being seen,
it’s a wound that hurts, and you don’t feel it;
it’s a discontented contentment,
it’s a pain that cracks without hurting.

                      Luís de Camões


The island and its people have special characteristics. Love for the land, the island, and their ancestors is untouchable. Strong personality and pride, as well as dedication to work and sacrifice are very dominant characteristics of the people of this wonderful island.

The great attraction of the island is the volcano that is part of the Seven Wonders of Cape Verde. It is the highest point of the archipelago with 2829 meters of altitude. The picturesque houses of the island mix with the black sand of the beaches and gushing from the volcano that very recently, in 2014, erupted.

Fogo Island was the second island to be populated. São Filipe, its queen city, is the third oldest city of the archipelago, currently sharing with Mosteiros the position of 5th largest city in the country.

Santiago - Water

Santiago is the largest island of the archipelago surrounded by water on all sides. Water symbolises the island on its periphery and in its interior. The sea surrounds the island, the beautiful beaches welcome visitors with joy, inviting them to an adventure, … Travel with us on this adventure

The fresh water in its interior invites you with peace and love to get to know the green of the plants, the smell of the earth, as well as its springs, streams and waterfalls. Come and discover the interior of the island.